Monocacy Canoe Club Membership Form
Dues are just $10 per year to enroll the entire family.
Print this form and mail it with your check
(made payable to Monocacy Canoe Club) to:
Monocacy Canoe Club
Frederick, MD 

New Membership ( ) or Renewal ( ) please check one.
Name ______________________________________
Family Members ________________________,  ______________________, 
  ________________________,  ______________________, 
  ________________________,  ______________________
Address ____________________________________
CITY ________________________________ STATE__________ ZIP__________
Home Phone ________________________
Work Phone (optional) ________________________
Other Phone (optional) ________________________
E-mail (optional) _____________________________
2nd e-mail (optional) _____________________________
3rd e-mail (optional) _____________________________

Memberships are for a calendar year; ALL MCC MEMBERSHIPS EXPIRE 31 DEC EVERY YEAR, except for those new members who have joined after 1 Sept.

Would you like delivery of the newsletters, roster, and cruise schedule as
Adobe PDF files via email instead of regular mail? Yes_____ No_____

Canoeing and kayaking (paddling) can be dangerous and physically demanding. Canoeists and kayakers take personal responsibility for their safety. By participating in Monocacy Canoe Club activities, you acknowledge an assumption of the risks involved in paddling, which could include serious injury or death. Upon joining, you will be sent a Cruise Schedule, the latest Roster, and a copy of our quarterly newsletter, the Smoke Signal.
Updated 10/17