PAN Access Advisory

Cacapon River at Browns Run / Pin Oak


by Bing Garthright, 301-330-1225, August 30, 2004


The Brown’s Run access makes a good takeout for a 9 mile float from WV 127 at the Forks of the Cacapon.  To reach Browns Run, take WV 127 west to WV 29.  Turn right onto WV 29 North towards Paw Paw.  At the hamlet of Pin Oak, you turn right onto County 29-4.  There should be a sign on at the WV 29 / County 29-4 pointing towards the public river access, but sign can be hard to spot.  Less than a mile from WV 29, County 29-4 ends at a T intersection.  Turn left and go about 1.5 miles to some buildings near the river, and turn left again.  If you reach a private bridge across the Cacapon, retrace your steps back to the buildings.  The left turn near the buildings leads to a gravel lot and dirt ramp access.  Browns Run enters the Cacapon near here.  The access is also known as Pin Oak for the hamlet on WV 29.


PLEASE NOTE: Most private owners and organizations never invite paddlers to use their land.  Many are kind enough to tolerate it.  Just as we paddle at our own risk, we use advisories, parking spaces, and access sites at our own risk.


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