PAN Access Advisory

Cacapon River at Edwards Run/Cold Spring, WV


Updated by Bob Whiting, April 11, 2011


For most paddlers, this is the preferred put-in for the popular section of river down to the Rt. 127 take-out, featuring Caudy’s Castle and other fine rock formations. It is located about 3 miles downstream (north) of Capon Bridge and avoids a section of mostly flatwater.


Since the DNR access on CR15 was closed around 2004, PAN advises using private property about 0.2 miles upstream. The launch is easier than the former DNR site, and lies on the property of Mr. Sine who owns the land on both sides of the road in this location. The put-in is 200 yards upstream of his large brick house. Drive into the gravel and dirt driveway on the river side opposite a burned out house.


The river access is 0.6 miles upstream of the Edwards Run W.M.A. parking lot. Go to Mr. Sine’s house, the big redbrick house 200 years downstream from the gravel & dirt river access driveway. Mr. Sine accepts a modest fee for the privilege granted to us to park on his property.


SPECIAL CONDITIONS: This land is low-lying and subject to soft ground/mud when wet, so take care not to get stuck or cause ruts. If Cacapon has been flooded recently, consider putting in at Capon Bridge instead. Also, respect the property by not leaving any trash.


THANKS TO: the kindness of Mr. Sine; the initiative and helpfulness of Glenn Burton, Commander of American Legion Post 137 in Capon Bridge, WV; the scouting and intermediary services of Zeth Zajac; and the American Legion contact by Tina Shriver's brother, John Shriver.


PLEASE NOTE: Respect Private property owners and organizations.  But if asked properly, most are kind enough to tolerate the presence of paddlers, usually for a modest fee.  Just as we paddle at our own risk, we use advisories, parking spaces, and access sites at our own risk.


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