PAN Access Advisory

Cacapon River at Largent, WV


by Bing Garthright, 301-330-1225, August 30, 2004


Largent, WV, is 9 miles downstream of Browns Run.   The former access, downstream and river right of the WV 9 bridge, is closed due to abuse by non-club paddlers. 


The right bank upstream of the WV 9 bridge bank offers access at the floating dock of Mr. Ken Roach.  This is a good access, but you need to heed carefully the following procedures.  Have an envelope ready with $5 per car that you wish to park on his property, and put the license number of the cars on the envelope.  Park cars in front of the second house on the right side of the road heading east (river left to right) from the bridge.   Mr. Roach owns this house along the road, but lives in the house immediately behind.  Use the driveway between the two houses fronting the road to access Mr. Roach’s house.  If Mr. Roach isn’t around, leave your envelope in the antique milk box at the front of his home.  You may load and unload in the driveway between the houses fronting WV 9, but PLEASE keep cars off the lawn. 


Put in/out on Mr. Roach’s small dock on the riverbank.  This is a one-boat-at-a-time launch/landing spot.  DO NOT go further down the driveway to the easy-access gully a few yards upstream.  That is not Mr. Roach’s property.


SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Mr. Roach recently rescued an abused Rottweiler and keeps him in a pen on the non-driveway side of the front house.  PLEASE do not excite this dog.  If sufficiently aroused, he might leap out of his enclosure.  The other Rottweiler, a small one, is a sweetie when Mr. Roach is around, but I wouldn’t tease it.


A final note on Largent- the small country store on the downstream right side of the bridge is very paddler-friendly, but at present they are only authorized to point you to a map taped to their counter.  This map leads to a very poor public access down a treacherous road.  Not a good alternative.  They mean well, though.  Buy a drink or something.


PLEASE NOTE: Most private owners and organizations never invite paddlers to use their land.  Many are kind enough to tolerate it.  Just as we paddle at our own risk, we use advisories, parking spaces, and access sites at our own risk.


SPECIAL THANKS to the openness and paddler-friendliness of Mr. Ken Roach at Largent.


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