PAN Access Advisory

Goose Creek, VA, at VA 611


by Bing Garthright, 301-330-1225, August 2004


The VA 611 bridge is now a most uncomfortable access point.  There’s only room to park a single vehicle on the downstream right side, while traffic zooms close by at 60 miles an hour.  There used to be a good gravel road here, from the shoulder of VA 611 down to the creek bank and turning downstream to parallel the creek.  Unfortunately, the road has not been maintained and has washed out.  Even most 4-wheel drive vehicles would risk damage in attempting it.  From the single parking spot on the shoulder of VA 611, it’s an easy 50-yard carry to the water.    All other spots within ˝ mile of the bridge are either inaccessible or have glaring “No Parking” signs that suggest hostile towing possibilities.  Don’t try to unload or load more than a single vehicle at a time at VA 611. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Private owners and organizations never invite paddlers to use their land.  Most are kind enough to tolerate it.  Just as we paddle at our own risk, we use advisories, parking spaces, and access sites at our own risk.


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