PAN Access Advisory

Goose Creek, VA, along VA 733


by Bing Garthright, 301-330-1225, August 2004


Route 733, noted as “close alongside on the left bank for many miles” in Corbett’s Virginia Whitewater  still offers several good access points.


The first of these points encountered, where the river turns left towards the road and then bounces right, is so good that it could serve as the end of section 2.  The road is only 10 feet above the river, the beach is rock, the bank is graveled, the climb is easy, and you can park 4 vehicles at or near there.  It is 4.5 miles west of Rte US15, and is 50 yards east of a driveway with the address “38062 Lime Kiln Road”.   


Several other spots along 733/Lime Kiln Rd about 3.3 miles west of 15 would serve also, but the banks are in deep grasses and the shoulders are soft sand.   


What would serve as an excellent access would be 0.9 mi. west of 15, at Crooked Bridge Rd, but access and parking there are strenuously denied.   


PLEASE NOTE: Most private owners and organizations never invite paddlers to use their land.  Many are kind enough to tolerate it.  Just as we paddle at our own risk, we use advisories, parking spaces, and access sites at our own risk.


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