PAN Access Advisory

Tomís Creek at FEMA facility near Emmitsburg, MD


By Bing Garthright, 301-330-1225, March 22, 2004


A few years ago, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) security guards were occasionally denying access across the FEMA property on Tomís Creek south of Emmitsburg, MD between Bus Rte 15 and Rte 15.  Thanks to the recent installation of a security fence high above the stream, access across the FEMA property appears OK at present. on Tomís Creek in Frederick County, MD, across property of the between Business  Rte 15 and Rte 15. 


Details: The putin/out on Bus. Rte 15 (Seton Ave S.) is outside of FEMAís National Emergency Training Center (NETC) property and is unposted and available.  Paddlers should not ask permission at FEMAís NETC gate about 0.2 miles north of the creek; I repeatódonít ask.  About 300 yd downstream of Bus. Rte 15, the creek enters FEMA property.  Until you get to the 4 foot dam about 500 yds later, itís better not to set foot on either bank.  Scout the dam briefly and either run it or line over it.  If the right bank will serve for scouting and portaging, give it preference.  Once you reach the Rte 15 bridge, you have left FEMA property.


THANKS TO: Ed Evangelidi for calling the past problem to PANís attention; Bill Cessna for helping to scout out the new situation.

PLEASE NOTE: Private owners and organizations never invite paddlers to use their land.  Most are kind enough to tolerate it.  Just as we paddle at our own risk, we use advisories, parking spaces, and access sites at our own risk.


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